Lou (North Carolina)

Name: Lou, also known as LouBee, Schmoo, Princess Ruby, Roobee Roo

Age: 4 years old

Breed: Pibble

Lives: In Western NC

Lou is a rescue who has been with us for two years. She had a rough start to life. She was surrendered, adopted, surrendered again, and was rescued by an amazing foster group until she became ours.

But today, she is living her best life, taking naps on couches, cuddling with her family, and chasing her cat sister.

Lou doesn’t have arthritis, but we are working hard to offset her chances of developing it. We had her drop about 8-9 lbs, improving her body composition in the process. She gets several walks per day, and she loves to practice her play bow stretches and do her core workouts to get a Frosty Paw!