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CV for Kristin Kirkby Shaw, DVM, MS, Ph.D., CCRT Diplomate ACVS & ACVSMR (Download)

About CARE: 

Dr. Kirkby Shaw is the founder of Canine Arthritis Resources and Education (CARE –, a free resource to help dog owners navigate OA with their veterinarian and learn evidence-guided techniques to improve their dog’s quality of life. Veterinary professionals can sign up for free memberships to access tools, forms, and videos for use in their practice and that they can share with clients.

“Veterinarians see dogs with OA daily but have many topics to cover during patient visits and may not have time to review comprehensive OA plans with their clients,” said Dr. Kirkby Shaw. “I created CARE to help as many dogs with OA as possible – more than I can as a clinician in practice. The resources and tools available on the website can help veterinarians continue the discussion of OA after their initial diagnosis. And, while I can’t make specific recommendations for dogs that are not my patients, I can share exactly what I do with my own dogs who have OA.”