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Providing the best possible care for your patients is your top priority. But with a busy caseload, managing urgent patients, and educating pet owners, it can be challenging to adequately cover everything in the short time you have with each client. Osteoarthritis (OA) is one of the most prevalent diseases in our canine patients. It’s estimated that at least 1 in 5 dogs have OA, and unmanaged pain from OA contributes to many owners making the difficult choice to euthanize their pets.

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  • The complete CARE Quad OA treatment plan to more easily manage OA with your clients
  • Educational articles
  • Recommended products for your patients
  • The option to purchase standalone RACE-approved CE webinars
  • Resources to share with clients to help them better manage their dog’s OA at home
  • Exclusive videos to help you identify developmental orthopedic diseases
  • Educational videos and articles on laser therapy, intra-articular joint injections, and more

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If you’re like most clinics, it’s a busy, chaotic struggle to get through each and every week. With constant calls to the front desk, overwhelmed staff, non-stop hiring challenges, and the occasional “problem client”, it can sometimes feel impossible to get ahead of the game.

Missing these pieces means…

  1. Clinic owners and managers are losing dozens of hours every month
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  3. ​Pet parents are less compliant with protocols, leaving them and your staff dissatisfied.

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