About CARE

CARE began as a way to help veterinarians and dog owners work together to combat an epidemic that affects at least 1 in 5 dogs – canine arthritis or osteoarthritis (OA).  The dogs we love and care for can’t tell us when they’re in pain, and often the signs of chronic pain related to OA are subtle and mistaken for our dogs simply getting older and slowing down.  While at present there is no cure for OA, early detection and proactive treatment can tremendously help the dogs in our lives stay active and enjoy a better quality of life for more years.

A personal and professional mission

Dr. Kirkby Shaw is a lifelong dog lover who has spent her career as a veterinary surgeon and rehabilitation specialist helping to educate colleagues and clients about how to diagnose and manage OA.  She uses the same approach with her own dogs that she teaches to clients and veterinarians around the world, and CARE allows her to have a greater impact on animal health than she can as a clinician.  As a dog owner, Dr. Kirkby Shaw has personally seen the effects of OA in three of her “babies” and wants to help others feel empowered to help dogs with OA live healthier, active lives.

A leader in OA management

As a clinician, Dr. Kirkby Shaw develops customized treatment plans for dogs with or at risk of arthritis. These plans may include physical rehabilitation, intra-articular therapies, or surgery; but they always include comprehensive pain management, weight loss (if indicated), regular exercise, and wholesome nutrition.  As an educator, she teaches other veterinarians how to diagnose and manage arthritis in their patients.    As a researcher, she works to advance the field of veterinary orthopedics and rehabilitation through conducting clinical research, mentoring younger investigators, and promoting multi-center studies.   As a consultant, Dr. Kirkby Shaw works with Animal Health companies to develop new solutions for treating arthritis in pets.   Resources such as these are part of the benefits of CARE membership. Become a member today.

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