Our Sponsors

We are grateful to the CARE sponsors who share our dedication to helping dogs with arthritis live a long, happy, and active life. These sponsors have been selected to be part of the CARE team because they share the CARE philosophies of early identification of osteoarthritis, comprehensive and customized care, and evidence-guided treatment plans. Without the generous support of these sponsors, CARE would not have been possible.

But CARE was founded in order to provide balanced, non-branded information that is not influenced by any company, product or organization. We deliver evidence-based, practical resources that help veterinarians and pet owners care for dogs with OA.

The information we provide includes the results of research studies as well as decades of practical experience caring for dogs with arthritis. As such, there are certain products that may seem over-represented based on our clinical experience with their success.

CARE does not receive any payment for product placement or support of brands beyond the disclosures on this page. However, as an expert in the field of osteoarthritis, Dr. Kirkby Shaw has been compensated in the past for her time as a consultant for the following companies: American Regent Animal Health, Aratana Therapeutics, Canine Rehabilitation Institute, Cutting Edge, Elanco, Owl Manor, Pulse Vet Technologies, Vet Stem Biopharma, Virbac, and Zoetis. As a consultant, Dr. Kirkby Shaw provides feedback on the efficacy of products and helps guide the development of new treatment options for arthritis. Dr. Kirkby Shaw is committed to providing honest and sincere information based on her assessment of the evidence and practical use of any products she recommends.