Treating Arthritis

Whether your dog already has arthritis or is at risk of developing arthritis, it is important that you work with your veterinarian to develop a long-term treatment plan specifically for your dog. What you will find here are tools, tips, and resources to help you work with your veterinarian on a plan that keeps your dog enjoying a healthy and active life.

When Dr. Kirkby Shaw designs customized arthritis treatment plans for her patients, she breaks the plan down into four parts: The CARE Quad. You’ll find all the same elements here.

The CARE Quad looks at the four main areas of treating and managing pain:

  • Pain Management
  • Nutrition Management
  • Lifestyle Management
  • Rehabilitation Therapies

Just remember, you and your veterinarian don’t have to use every treatment recommended on CARE! And equally important, CARE is not a replacement for regular visits to your veterinarian.

No treatment suggested here should be used without the support of your veterinarian. But hopefully, you will find simple and easy things that work for your dog and with your schedule. Even small changes can help your dog feel better and stay active and happy.


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