PetSafe Gentle Leader No-Pull Dog Head Collar

MOST EFFECTIVE NO-PULL SOLUTION: Designed by a veterinary behaviorist, the Gentle Leader Headcollar is the most effective no-pull solution to help improve walks with your dog
INTERRUPTS YOUR DOG’S INSTINCT TO PULL: Recommended by vets to interrupt your dog’s natural instinct to pull against pressure
COMFORTABLE DESIGN: Designed with minimal straps to keep your dog cool and made with durable nylon and a padded neoprene nose loop for ultimate comfort
EASY TO FIT: Quick-snap neck strap and adjustable nose loop for easy fitting in minutes, listen for a snap closure when securing the nose loop
WON’T FIT PETS WITH SHORT SNOUTS: The Gentle Leader won’t fit our furry friends with short snouts like pugs or bulldogs


CARE take: The most effective way to prevent your dog from pulling is to teach them good manners and not to pull on the leash. For the rest of us that have not been completely successful with this method, we recommend using a head collar like the Gentle Leader. Head collars work similar to a bridle on a horse- they are not meant for you to pull hard on, but once dogs become accustomed to wearing it, you have control of their head and and thereby better control of where their body goes. CARE lead dog Arrow and pack pup Eddie both wear Gentle Leaders for their daily leash walks.
Head collars are typically not recommended for dogs with neck issues- talk to your veterinarian about whether this is the right option for your dog.

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