Silicone Dog Treat Pouch – Clip on Portable Training Container

BPA free, safe and healthy, can contact pet food directly.
Design of magnetic closing for easy opening, allows quick access to pouch with one hand, freeing the other for training signals and command, automatic close after feeding.
Clips onto pockets or belt loops to keep treats within easy reach, moreover, the unique clamp design ensures that the pet training bag does not fall off.
Dish washer safe, easy to clean, unique large opening design and soft silicone material make the pet training bag easy to reverse, cleaner and more thorough, healthy and hygienic.


CARE take: You will be using (low-calorie) treats when asking your dogs to perform their therapeutic exercises and in other training situations. This is the CARE team’s preferred treat bag- easy to use, easy to clean, and comes is a lot of fun colors! Be sure to stock your treat bag with high-quality, low-calorie treats!



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