Ginger Lead Canine arthritis case study

Case Study: How GingerLead Helps Dogs With Arthritis Stay Mobile

In this article, we’re featuring a case study from one of our valued sponsors, GingerLead, and their customer whose aging German Shepard was experiencing mobility issues.

Read about their experience here:

“Lady, our 15-year-old German Shepherd has advancing arthritis which is severely affecting her hips. The four steps out the back door to her kennel have been treacherous for both her and my wife and I as we tried to support her weight to prevent the inevitable stumble and fall. Even with us holding her harness she had a number of bad experiences and was obviously becoming afraid of the steps.

We just received our Ginger Lead and had it adjusted within a couple of minutes. We put the Ginger Lead on Lady and walked her around the house for a few minutes to get her and us used to it and to fine tune the adjustments. The first time down the steps Lady wasn’t sure just what was going on but made it outside without stumbling. I felt much more secure for both her and myself as I had total control of her bodyweight with the

Ginger Lead clipped to her harness. On the way back into the house I took just part of her weight with the Ginger Lead and Lady climbed the steps like a champ. That was this morning. Just a bit ago I picked up the Ginger Lead and asked Lady if it was time to go outside. She became excited as she usually does when she sees her leash and stood pacing in place as I put the Ginger Lead on her. She went up and down the steps as if she had been using the Ginger Lead her whole life.

My wife and I had been dreading this winter and didn’t know how we were going to get Lady in and out for her daily business, much less for any exercise. With the Ginger Lead we are much more confident that Lady will get her needs met with much greater safety which will improve her quality of life and hopefully keep her injury free.

Your product is far superior to any similar products we found on the market. I’m impressed with the quality and design. Your customer service and shipping was top notch. Even though it was one of the more expensive units we found, I think it was worth every penny and will be recommending it to everyone with a dog in need of some extra support.”

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