Dog on rug

My dog is having a hard time walking around at home. What can I do?

Make it easier for your dog to get around!

Your dog spends most of their time at home, so you want them to be comfortable and able to walk around safely, particularly if they have arthritis.

There are a number of simple modifications you can do to your home to make it easier to navigate for your best friend.

The first and perhaps most important recommendation is to make sure the flooring provides traction for your dog to stand up. Although there are products such as booties or toe grips to help dogs stand on slick floors, these don’t work for many dogs and are certainly less helpful than providing good traction under their feet.

Best ways to help your dog get around your home

So what can you do? You can cover tile, hardwood, vinyl, and other slick surfaces with

  • Rugs
  • Yoga mats
  • Gym floor tiles

These are all easy and affordable ways to make your dog feel more secure standing up and walking around.

When you use carpet runners or area rugs, it’s important to put a non-skid pad beneath the rug. You don’t need to do this to the whole house, but the areas where your dog spends most of their time should have plenty of non-slick flooring options.

Don’t forget to put something directly under your dog’s bed to help them get up more easily!