Slow Feeder Dog Bowl 3 Levels Lick Tower

3 Layers of snack spinnin’ fun: Diameter: 10.3″, Height: 2.9″. Dogs will have to use their problem-solving skills to spin each layer of the tower in order to find the hidden treats.
Safety Is A Priority: Our slow feeder dog bowl insert is made using premium grade, flexible materials, will not be bitten to pieces by pets (but supervision is still a must), dishwasher and freezer safe.





CARE tip: Smear wet dog food, soaked kibble or canned pumpkin on the different layers and freeze. This will provide up to 45 minutes of enrichment for your dog as they lick the different layers clean. Can be used as a slow feeder, to reduce anxiety, or as enrichment. CARE pup Eddie is shown enjoying his Lick Tower- about once a week this is how Eddie eats dinner. You can’t see the bottom layer where he has already finished the Farmers Dog layer.
CARE does not recommend smearing with peanut butter or cream cheese as this becomes a very high-calorie treat!





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