Classic KONG

Kong Toys provide unmatched performance and benefits. They are used and recommended by veterinarians, dog experts and satisfied customers worldwide. Kong’s exclusive Ultra-Flex formulas are chewer friendly. They are unmatched for resilience, durability and bounce. Ultra-Flex rubber is nontoxic, nonabrasive, non splintering and does not get sharp when chewed.

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CARE take: Well there really isn’t any toy better than the classic KONG, especially for expert chewers, puppies, and dogs needing extra enrichment (such as CARE pack pup Eddie). We recommend stuffing these with canned pumpkin or a portion of your dog’s daily food and freezing them (if feeding kibble, you can soak the kibble in water for 10-15 minutes then pack it in). Then pull them one out as a treat, snack or enrichment.  We DO NOT recommend stuffing these with peanut butter, cheese or any processed KONG filler- so many extra calories that your dog doesn’t need!



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