Comprehensive Care:
A Practical Guide to Managing Canine Osteoarthritis (digital download)


This 80-page downloadable resource workbook provides valuable information to save you time in the clinic, help your clients be successful at following their dog’s long-term arthritis treatment plan, and will help your patients live a long, healthy, and active life.

Download and print out copies for your clinic. Print out client handouts, including developmental orthopedic disease overviews (with illustrations) and daily journals for tracking progress. Handy charts for effective Omega 3 recommended doses based on body weight.

There are sections for

  • Diagnosing Osteoarthritis
  • Client Handouts
  • Creating a Comprehensive CARE Plan
  • and Tracking Success



Example of the resources you get with your CARE Workbook for Veterinary Professionals download


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A Practical Guide to Managing Canine Osteoarthritis (digital download)”

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