Xavier the Bullmastiff

Xavier the Bullmastiff

Xavier is a giant breed dog (Bullmastiff) who just turned ten, which is pretty old for a bullmastiff!

Lately, he has started to slow down, increasingly so after a couple of surgeries. His walks have become shorter and his agility days are over (except for the fun visits with his friends), due to arthritis. To combat the effects of aging, his routine includes:

  • Seeing a chiropractor and massage therapist
  • Regularly taking joint supplements and fish oil
  • Eating nutritious fresh food
  • Seeing a rehab vet for laser therapy and exercises
  • Recently started acupuncture
  • At home, he has carpets to make sure he doesn’t slip on the wood floors and ramps for the furniture and car. He also works on his rehab exercises at home to stay in shape!

While we may not be able to stop the effects of aging, we can slow down the process and make Xavier more comfortable. His golden years will be the best yet!

Photo Credit – Justin Jones, JTJ Designs, jtjdesigns.com

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