Meet the CARE team: Brian and Kelly

Care is a family business, and when Dr. Kirkby Shaw outlined her vision for creating an evidence-guided resource for veterinary professionals and dog owners to help identify and manage canine arthritis. Brian and Kelly jumped at the chance to work with their sister-in-law.

Brian had spent years in IT project management and senior leadership, while Kelly spent most of her career in marketing and communications for healthcare-related industries. They both were burnt out on doing work that wasn’t aligned with their interests while wanting to work together doing something they believed in.

As lifelong dog owners and dog lovers, being part of CARE and working with Kristin was an easy YES. You see, Brian and Kelly had a black lab, Myra the Wonderpup, who developed arthritis in her back legs, and their vet, although very compassionate, didn’t have any resources to share that would help them manage Myra’s pain and keep her active and mobile.

Seeing her lose interest in the things she loved, watching Myra keep herself separated from her family and having a harder and harder time getting up and around was incredibly hard. When she passed away at the age of 13 1/2, Brian and Kelly vowed to do more to help their younger dog, Lou, stay active and healthy and watch closely for any signs of arthritis. Working with Kristin to launch CARE, Brian and Kelly realized the importance of helping Lou lose weight and get more low-impact exercise to keep her joints healthy.

They want to make sure every dog owner knows the signs of canine arthritis and knows how to help them stay active and happy for as long as possible. They are proud to be a part of CARE and share Dr. Kirkby Shaw’s vision with the world.