FitPAWS® Paw Pods


Active Play Everyday!

Improve your dog’s dynamic balance, independent limb awareness, and coordination with FitPAWS® Balance Pods.

FitPAWS Paw Pods are great for:

  • Stack Training Coordination
  • Independent Limb Awareness
  • Dynamic Balance Challenge

You can arrange the pods with the flat side down for more stabilization or flat side up for more balance challenges.

Expand Your Dog’s Playground

  • 4 Flexible Paw Pods, Assorted Colors
  • *Pump Not Included
  • Sensory Bumps for Neural Stimulation
  • Improve Weight Bearing Consistency
  • Develop Motor Skills
  • Combine with Other FitPAWS® Products
  • 2 Textures – Flat/Bumps
  • Mesh Storage Bag


For advanced core strength & balance training, begin by introducing your dog to the Pods positively and then place them on the floor in the approximate foot position of your dog.

Begin by asking your dog to place his individual front feet on the individual pod. You may need to physically place the feet with your hands. Positively reinforce this action with praise or treats. Once he is comfortable with the front feet on the front pods, place his individual back feet on each individual pod. Positively reinforce this action as well.

Once he is comfortable on the pods, begin by offering him treats to encourage small head movements to help with balance. Encouraging him to lift his head up will encourage more weight-bearing on the rear. Encouraging him to place his head down will encourage more weight bearing on the front.

Turning side to side will encourage weight bearing on each individual side. Advanced exercises include gradual weight shifting while the dog is standing on the pods – gently give the dog a little pressure on each side and then from front to back to encourage weight shifting. Additional advanced exercises include lifting one limb at a time for a few seconds to encourage the dog to place weight on the three remaining legs.


Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 9 in